Parkinson’s Disease @Point of Care™ App Anmeldelser

Buyer beware

Nowhere do they tell you until after you have bought the app and registered it that you need to buy $200 for the sensors to get the full benefit of the app.

Crashes Every Time

I've used earlier versions with no problems. This version crashes after a few seconds, every time. Deleting and reinstalling didn't help.


I am a Parkinson's patient. I am not a physician but I have a basic understanding of biology and a strong desire to better understand my disease and this is an excellent resource. While not intended for the layman, I can understand most of the concepts and studies presented. It is especially impressive to see the frequent updates that add new materials published in the past few months. Thanks for making this available!

Can not access without registering

I am a caregiver for my mother, who has Parkinson's and because of this I am always looking for accessible information to help her. Sorry, registering and remembering yet another password is asking too much from someone who is already overwhelmed.

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